♦  What you throw away with Glacier

ENGINE DIRT: In a clogging, destructive mass.

PARTICLES: Right down to sub-micron sizes, abrasive and dangerous, carried in wear-generating engine dirt.

♦  What you throw away without Glacier

Engine parts: Expensive and prematurely worn by dirty oil.

Precious time: Down-time, service-time, engine rebuild time.


→How centrifuge action works  clac5 


A series of operational and cost benefits

  1. Increase useful life of lubrication oil

  2. Remove particles which evade full-flow filters

  3. Get 5 times greater dirt capacity than standard by-pass filtration systems whilst maintaining original flow characteristics at all times

  4. Remove submicron abrasive particles

  5. Extend engine life, lower cost of ownership through reduced critical component wear (bearings, pistons, rings, etc)

  6. Reduced down-time

  7. Extended service intervals by 2-3 times and reduced service costs

  8. Totally cleanable ,easy maintenance

  9. Can be used to monitor engine condition


→List of centrifuges




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